Should I use Mach4 or Mach3?


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Without hesitation or doubt, if you are new to CNC, you will want to go with Mach4.

Mach3 development ended 5 years ago, when Newfangled Solutions switched all of their development time and effort into making Mach4. Mach4 is actively maintained, supported and new features are being developed for it. Mach4 is much more capable and flexible than Mach3, and it is MUCH easier to diagnose and fix issues in Mach4 by looking at the log file - between the ESS and Mach4, it will actively tell you about many problems and how to fix them.

If you value your time whatsoever or if you want a better user experience, use Mach4.

Finally, just to make it even more enticing, we offer a ESS + Mach4 bundle that will save you more than buying Mach3 plus an ESS.
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